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Kyushu University Faculty of Dental Science

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Division of Oral Biological Sciences Oral Cellular and Molecular Biology
  • Molecular mechanism of the regulatory processes for osteoclast differentiation: Cell biological and histological studies
    Histo-cytological study on the inflammation and regulation of bone remodeling
    Molecular biological studies on neuropeptides and their receptors
Mineralized Tissue Biology
  • Regulatory mechanism of bone resorption by osteoclast
    Cell Biology of regeneration and differentiation of oral epithelium
    Mechanism of biological attachments in the implant interface
    Roles of synovial cells in temporomandibular joint
Oral Anatomy and Cell Biology
  • Histo-cytological and histochemical study of dental pulp
    Histo-cytological and histochemical study of odontogenesis and palatogenesis
    Histo-cytological and histochemical study of orthodontic tooth movement
Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry
  • Ca2+ mobilization in response to cellular stimulation
    Studies on cellular signaling with a reference to inositol compounds
    Studies on chondrocyte differentiation
    Studies on cell action to mechanical stress
Biochemical and Molecular Pharmacology
  • Biosynthesis, intracellular transport, and physiological and pathological functions of intracellular aspartic proteinases
    Structures and functions of pathogenic proteinases in periodontal diseases
    Roles of intracellular proteinases in neuronal death pathways
    Biological roles of osteoclast proteinases in bone resorption
Oral Neuroscience
  • Molecular and genetic approaches for mechanisms of taste reception and transduction
    Differentiation and regeneration of taste receptor systems: formation of specific synaptic connection between taste cells and axons
    Central neural mechanism for mastication
    Neural and molecular basis for induction of salivary proteins by diets
    Analysis on genetic linkages between oral sensation and various diseases influencing oral function
Oral Aging Science
  • Cell biology of age-related cell death
    Molecular mechanism for phagocytosis of aged and apoptotic cells
    Search for novel bioactive molecules released from phagocytes
Division of Oral Health, Growth and Development Oral Infectious Diseases and Immunology
  • Pathogenic mechanism of periodontal pathogens in periodontal disease
    Mechanism of inflammatory bone resorption
    Regulatory mechanism of NFkB in inflammatory disease
    Functional role of bacterial heat shock proteins in innate immunity
Dental Public Health
  • Epidemiological studies on relationship between oral diseases and systemic health
    Development of immunological procedure for prevention of dental caries
    Development of risk assessment method of dental caries
    Development of risk assessment method of periodontal disease
Preventive Dentistry
  • Molecular biology of cariogenic bacteria
    Molecular biology of periodontopathic bacteria
    Immunology of periodontal disease
    Development of genetic procedure for identification of periodontopathic bacteria
    Development of diagnostic methods of halitosis
    Development of medicines for prevention and treatment of periodontal disease and halitosis
Craniofacial Developmental Biology
  • Study on the development of masticatory muscle

    Study on the development of occlusal function
    Study on the development of jaw movement
Pediatric Dentistry
  • Basic and clinical research on resin materials in dentistry
    Basic research on mastication and brain function
    Development of bite force in childhood
    Analysis of afferent projection to upper central nerves system from trigeminal mesencephalic nucleus
    Relationship between occlusal development and mandibular movement in children
    Genetic studies for growth & development of dento-craniofacial complex
    Studies for dental care and management of the disabled children
  • Growth changes of maxillofacial morphology
    Genetic studies of maxillofacial morphology
    Development of new orthodontic materials
    Relation between occlusion and temporomandibular joint disfunction
    Orthognatic surgery and treatment for patient with skeletal discrepancy
    Craniofacial and occlusal deformation in patients with progressive muscle dystrophy
    Three-dimensional reconstruction of craniofacial structures using cephalogramand facial photograph
    Relation between occlusal pressure distribution and craniofacial morphology
Division of Oral Rehabilitation Biomaterials
  • Development of high performance apatite cement
    Structure of bioactive glasses and their reactivity with polymetric acid
    Development of high performance titanium alloy
    Development of three-dimenisonal calcium phosphate interconnected porous materials
    Fabrication of nano-biomaterials
    Analysis of the mechanism of osteoconductivity
Clinical Oral Molecular Biology
  • Studies on the mechanisms of the phagocyte activation by lipopolysaccharide and fimbriae derived from periodontal pathogens
    Development of antagonistic compounds against lipopolysaccharide derived from periodontal pathogens
    Studies on genetherapy for dentalpulp regeneration
Oral Reconstructive Biotechnology
  • Molecular and genetic mechanism and histologic study of implant-tissue interface
    A study on biological factors for osseointegration
    Epidemiological and biomechanical study on oral rehabilitation using dental implants
    Corrosion of Ti and Ti alloys
    Phase transformation and age-hardening mechanism of dental precious alloys
    Bonding mechanism between dental alloy and porcelain
Endodontology and Operative Dentistry
  • Studies on the mechanism and the healing process in apical periodontitis
    Molecular biological analysis of tissue repair after endodontic surgery
    Analysis of specific proteins expressed in the process of the osteoclast maturation
    cDNA cloning of dentin morphogenetic proteins (DMP) and their receptors
    Inhibitory mechanism of the hard-tissue resorption in pulp and periodontal tissues
  • Studies on etiology and a bioregulation mechanism of the periodontal diseases
    Studies of the periodontal tissue regeneration
    Studies on the therapy of periodontal diseases
    Studies on the clinical diagnosis of periodontal diseases
    Role of occlusal trauma in the pathogenesis of periodontal diseases
    Epidemiological studies on the periodontal diseases in Japanese
    Studies on the disease mechanisms and tissue regeneration of apical periodontitis
Fixed Prosthodontics
  • Age-dependent changes in the periodontal tissue
    Color of porcelain veneered crown
    Bonding mechanism of porcelain and metals
    Properties of the prosthesis-tooth interface and adhesion mechanism
    Roles of hard tissue proteins in the dental adhesion
    Interaction between apatite and biological substances
    Development of the antibacterial materials using salivary proteins
    Development of evaluation system for masticatory ability
    Relationship between masticatory function and general condition
    Masticatory function in older adults
    Theoretical analysis of relation between treatment strategies and patient types
    Orofacial sensory ? Motor coupling
    Functional differentiation in the peripheral nervous system of pain
    Application of NMR techniques to the dental region
Removable Prosthodonitcs
  • Clinical physiology of masticatory system
    Relationship between occlusion and masticatory function
    Biomechanics of dental implant
    Biomechanics of removable dentures
    Molecular and genetic mechanism and histologic study of implant-tissue interface
    A study on biological factors for osseointegration
    Development of evaluation system for stomatognathic function
    Mechanism of chronic masticatory muscles pain
    Development of evaluation system for bruxism and a study on effects of bruxism on masticatory system
    Establishment of diagnosis and treatment system for temporomandibular disorders
    Epidemiological and physiological study on oral rehabilitation using dentures
    Epidemiological and biomechanical study on oral rehabilitation using dental implants
    Clinical and physiological study on rehabilitation of maxillomandibular defects
Division of Maxillofacial Diagnostic and Surgical Sciences Oral Pathology and Medicine
  • Cellular and molecular biology of oral cancer
    Molecular and genetic investigation on the development and regeneration of the tooth
    Age-dependent change of the periodontal tissue
    Pathophysiology of dental pulp
Oral Diagnostic Science
  • Quantitative analysis
    Analyzing methods for oral cancer
    Analyzing methods for sonographic images
    Micro- and macro-diagnoses of oral cancer
Oral and Maxillofacial radiology
  • Research of the diagnostic imaging of oral and maxillofacial region:
    Oral cancer
    Radiotherapy for oral cancer
    Cervical lymph node metastasis
    Salivary gland
    Masticatory muscle and subcutaneous tissue
    Temporomandibular joint
    Color Doppler sonography
    Interventional radiology
    Computer aided diagnostics
    Digital intraoral imaging systems
    Simulation system on itraoral method of taking X-ray
    Medical application of synchrotron radiation
    Radiation protection
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
  • New biological therapeutic approaches to treating oral cancer
    Clinical and experimental studies on the invasion and metastasis of oral cancer
    Studies on the growth and differentiation of salivary gland cells and salivary gland tumor cells
    Biological characterization of jaw cysts
    An immunological study on the pathogenesis of oral mucosal diseases
    An immunological study on the pathogenesis of Sjogren’s syndrome
    A study of the temporomandibular joint disorders
    An experimental study on the bone repair
Oral and Maxillofacial Oncology
  • Study on the treatment of oral cancer
    Study on the reconstructive surgery of oral cancer
    Study of the oncogenes
    Study on the invasion and metastasis of oral cancer
    Study on the treatment of odontogenic tumors
    Biological and cytological study of odontogenic tumors
    Study on the orthognathic surgery
    Study on the treatment of cleft lip and/or palate
Chronic and disabling Oral Disease Management
  • Basic and clinical study of herpes virus
    Clinico-pathological study of the diseases of oral mucosa
    Patho-physiological study of temporomandibular joint disorders
    Analysis of the cell differentiation and intracellular transduction of oral epithelial cells
Dental Anesthesiology
  • Effects of general anesthetics on the ion channels of central neurons
    Allergic reactions and histamine release induced by anesthetic drugs
    The study of the general anesthetic drugs and hearts (circulation) effects on central nerve system
Division of Oral Health, Technology and Epidemiology Oral Health Promotion and Technology
  • Studies on fluoride and de- and remineralization of hard tooth tissues
    Development of new diagnosis technologies on early caries
    Development of oral biofilm models and of controlling methods of biofilm
    Development of new methods to remove stained pellcile and dental calculus
Community Oral Health and Epidemiology
  • Surveillance of oral diseases and oral functions in the community
    Surveillance of oral microbes in the community
    Evaluation of economical efficiency of dentistry in the community
    Evaluation of technical efficiency of dentistry