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Kyushu University Faculty of Dental Science

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Message from the dean

Masato Hirata, D.D.S., Ph.D.

 The idea and educational objective of Kyushu University School of Dentistry
We wrestle for education, research, and medical care based on our idea to “Contribute to systemic health from oral health” at Kyushu University School of Dentistry. In late years, it has been sequentially reported that periodontal disease possibly constitutes a risk factor to raise the lifestyle–related diseases such as the diabetes mellitus and that tooth loss seriously makes the reduction in quality of life of elder people. Thus attention is focused on the view that "Oral condition exerts serious influence on systemic health". In addition, we need to answer the question what we can contribute to in future dentistry, along with the attitude focusing on the treatment of diseases. For these reasons, it is urgent that management and improvement of the oral condition of middle-aged and elderly persons in rapidly advancing aged-Japan, and also the mission of the dentist to protect peoples' health becomes increasingly important. We set a educational goal to develop the leading dental researchers and dentists who can practice "Contribution to maintenance of systemic health from oral health" in Kyushu University School of Dentistry and Graduate School of Dentistry.

Further enhancement and globalization of the education in School of Dentistry and Graduate School of Dentistry.
We have planned to improve the cooperation between basic science education and clinical education by incorporating clinical educational program from early grades by shifting to new curriculum in undergraduate education since 2008. In addition, we also have conducted further improvement of dental education along with social needs in order to make it possible for undergraduates to master practical skill and manner immediately after graduation by extending clinical training period for one more year. Also the student transaction program with Pusan University School of Dentistry hold every year counts 15 times this year, and it becomes a major driving force for cultivation of international-minded undergraduates. On the other hand, we have introduced an admission entrance system in autumn in Graduate School since 2008, and enlarged the opportunity for foreign students. We furthermore have established the English course for Ph.D. students since October 1, 2010, based on the Global 30 adopted in Kyushu University in 2009. They can take an English class and a research direction to complete their degree of the doctor. Now we add one regular teacher of the native speaker to educational program of Global 30, and invite a part-time teacher from the overseas university for progressing globalization of postgraduate education every year.

Major research project and clinical dentistry
We have held international symposium on oral bioscience every year, since we established the major research project "Regenerative and reconstructive medical research of the oral tissue" and "Oral health science" in 2005, under cooperation of all departments. In holding the international symposium, we have continued efforts aimed at the nurture of young investigators for globalization ahead of other Japanese universities by establishing the session of special lectures of domestic and foreign leaders and the oral presentation in English of young researchers including postgraduates, that was supported by education GP of Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and the special educational research budget. We are also planning to renovate the content of this major project toward "the construction of worldwide research center of oral bioscience" on the basis of past achievements. Also our university hospital not only serves as a core hospital in a region, but conducts to establish the most advanced dental technology by progressing clinical study centering translational research, and to improve postgraduate clinical training by developing region-cooperated dental practice.

To examinees
We raised an idea of "Overall Well-being through Oral Health", and aimed at the creation of new dentistry. To study how you break the deadlock of existing systems by your fresh intelligence and to put it into practice are the right significance of learning at university. So why not aim at creation of techniques and systems of new dentistry supporting Japanese society in future with us in Kyushu University School of Dentistry?